Newsletter October 2016

Dear SIGLOG Members, The October issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared. In this issue We pay tribute to one of the founding fathers of computer science, Boris A. Trakhtenbrot (1921-2016), with an obituary by Lawrence M. Fisher. We report on several prizes that have recently been awarded in the area. In Mikołaj Bojańczyk’s Automata column,… Continue reading »

ACM Election Over

The ACM election has ended. Here are the results for SIGLOG: Chair: Prakash Panangaden Vice-Chair: Luke Ong Secretary: Alexandra Silva Treasurer: Amy Felty The positions are hold for or the term of 1 July 2016 – 30 June 2019. All results of the election and more details can be found on the corresponding ACM page.

Newsletter July 2016

Dear SIGLOG Members, The July issue of the SIGLOG Newsletter appeared. In this issue We have four technical columns! Emmanuel Filiot and Pierre-Alain Reynier survey word functions and transducers in Mikołaj Bojánczyk’s Automata column. In the Complexity column edited by Neil Immerman, Toniann Pitassi and Iddo Tzameret discuss the latest results connecting proof complexity with… Continue reading »

Teaching Denotational Semantics

Teaching Denotational Semantics

By Achim Jung , University of Birmingham Appeared in SIGLOG News Volume 1, Number 2, October 2014 1. Introduction In 1969 Dana Scott suggested, [8], that a Tarskian semantics could be given to programming languages by employing ordered structures of a certain kind, now known as domains. One of his key insights was that recursion… Continue reading »